Mountain Dew VooDew Is A Tasty Way To Kick Off The Halloween Season

We are only a few days into September, but it seems the Halloween season is starting. Stores are already starting to sell Halloween decorations. So to celebrate the spooky season, a new flavor of Mountain Dew, VooDew, has recently hit shelves.

Mountain Dew’s latest flavor, VooDew, is actually a mystery flavor. The bottle is filled with a milky white liquid. It reminded me of Mountain Dew White Out when I first spotted it in a local gas station. The drink isn’t the most appetizing looking thing, but it does suit the spooky theme. So does the artwork, which looks really nice and reminds me of something that might have appeared in the late 80s on a Halloween poster.


Mystery flavors always make me nervous. I have had some really bad experiences with weird, mystery flavors. It doesn’t help that the first taste of an unknown flavor is always like a punch to the face. So I opened the bottle of VooDew, nervous but ready.

The smell that came out of the bottle was very fruity and almost reminded me of cotton candy. I took a sip and hated the taste that entered my mouth. Overly sweet and fruity. I reacted by making a strange face that I wish I had captured on film so you folks could laugh at me.

Like I said, mystery flavors punch you in the face. Your brain doesn’t know what to think and in this case, the color doesn’t match the flavor at all. So my initial reaction was to slam the bottle shut and shake my head. However, I took a few more sips and after the initial shock of that first gulp of VooDew, I found myself enjoying the drink. The flavor reminds me of an orange cream soda, with a bit more acidity and sweetness. It certainly has an aftertaste that reminds me of orange soda.


Luckily, I love orange soda, even if I try to avoid drinking soda these days. (Outside of reviews and when I go to the theater to see movies because I can’t resist some soda and popcorn.) So VooDew ending up being a pleasant surprise. I ended up drinking the whole bottle and I might grab a second one as a late-night treat during Halloween.


But if you hate the flavor of cream soda or orange soda or both, I would probably avoid this limited-time flavor. Maybe grab a bottle just to try it? Just make sure you have a friend or family member who likes orange soda who can finish it for you. No reason to waste food!

This isn’t Mountain Dew’s first Halloween themed drink. Years ago they did Pitch Black and Pitch Black II. I loved the first Pitch Black, but didn’t like the sequel. I’d probably put this new VooDew flavor above both of them.


I’m excited for the spooky season to begin and VooDew was a great start. Bring on Halloween candy, costumes, and scary movies. Fall can’t get here soon enough.

Kotaku Weekend Editor | Zack Zwiezen is a writer living in Kansas. He has written for Gamecritics, USgamer, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.

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