Razer's Blade Pro gets its first serious competition in the small form-factor gaming laptop category in the form of MSI's GS70, a 17-inch gaming laptop that's only .85 inches thick and weighs less than six pounds. My god.


When hardware manufacturers begin battling over who can make the thinnest gaming systems, everybody wins. Not only is the GS70 slightly thinner than the recently-renamed Razer Blade Pro, it weights almost a pound less and doesn't have the odd Switchblade touchpad interface dealio making things all confusing. It's also cheaper, has more memory, and a ton more storage space. Just look.

Of course the newer Razer Blade 14-incher is still slimmer, but it's also a 14-incher. If you want a big, portable screen, then this is what you should be looking at.


“The GS70 has the capability to crush the most demanding games and the featherlike portability for on-the-go multi-tasking or gaming,” stated Andy Tung, vice president of sales for MSI US via official announcement. “We understand the needs of our audience and are committed to delivering solutions that exceed even the highest expectations.”


That's just f***ing beautiful, and to think — this is only the beginning of this battle. By the time the smoke clears we'll be playing BioShock Infinite on computers so thin they fit in a Trapper Keeper. Also, Trapper Keepers will make a comeback for some reason. That's how awesome this is.

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