Ms. Pac-Man Gets Her Own Nikes

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Nike isn't shy about flirting with video game references for its Nike Skateboarding line of sneakers, having already released Dunks "inspired by" 720° and Skate or Die. And speaking of not shy... Ms. Pac-Man sneakers!

You'd have to be pretty comfortable with that level of color on your feet, particularly since those colors—apparently lifted from the Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet—we're designed to attract attention amid the visual din of a noisy arcade during the early 80s. Fortunately, I am that comfortable, so a pre-ordering I will do!


If you're similarly uninhibited in your footwear choices, expect these to drop in May at select retailers.

Like most Nike SB sneakers, they appear to be largely logo free—swoosh and Nike badge excepted. That means these kicks are more homage than they are officially licensed.

Nike SB Ms. Pacman Quickstrike Is Coming! [UNIV via C to the JL]

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The bright neon colors will blind anyone who looks at them, well at least they will stand out.

Wait a minute... Why are the laces on the other shoe black?