Mr. Runner Was Wonderful. Mr. Runner 2 Looks Wonderfully Insane.

The original Mr. Runner is a lovely little bite-sized mobile platformer that's been downloaded some five million times. Due out in on April 24, Mr. Runner 2: The Masks doesn't care what Mr. Runner did, it does what it wants. It'll cut you. With awesome.

For reference, here is the original Mr. Runner:


And here is Mr. Runner 2:

So yes, there have been some small changes. Scream mask, brighter colors, freaking whale — the usual. Here's the skinny, direct from Zing Games.

Players are thrust into the comical, unpredictable running platformer made up of the main character’s dreaming subconscious as he avoids deadly yet imaginative obstacles to catch an enigmatic figure that holds the key to his identity. As the crazy cartoon world changes around him his mask temporarily morphs to resemble pop culture icons, everything from your favorite super hero to a classic video game figure is likely to appear.


This sounds like good, with a side of crazy. I'm in.

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