Mr. Handy Is Now The Funniest Thing In Fallout Shelter

Mr. Handy might be a robot, but he sure has a lot of humanity.

I’ve been toying around Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter lately, and I’ve been pleased to find that he’s become the best thing in the new update. Yes, Mr. Handy is useful—he’ll automatically collect resources for you, as well as help defend your vault. But you can also send Mr. Handy off on adventures, and the things he’ll say while out on the wasteland are a hoot.

I sent three different Mr. Handies out into the field, and recorded what they said. You can take a look in the footage above, but here’s a taste:

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Poor Mr. Handy.

The thing about Mr. Handy is, he exists to serve...but that doesn’t mean he likes whatever you order him to do. In fact, it’s pretty clear that Mr. Handy hates being out in the wasteland all alone: he often begs for you to bring him back into the domestic bliss that is your vault. But the longer you leave him out there, the more ridiculous musings he has, and the more hijinks he can get into. Also, the more caps he can find—he’s abnormally good at finding caps.

I feel like a jerk, especially when it seems like Mr. Handy is going mad out in the wasteland. But I think my Mr. Handies are going to stay outdoors for a little while. It’s not like they can die while adventuring anyway, at least as far as I can tell.

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