I'm not even supposed to be here today, but the portable nature of mobile gaming means that even in the middle of packing everything I own and putting it in another place, I still have time to play a ton of titles. Yay.

I probably could have skipped this weekly feature altogether, but when I looked over what I'd managed to play in the three days I did work this week, I realized it was either this, or make next week's entry the largest week in gaming apps in Week in Gaming Apps history. Considering I've had two days to get this one together and it's still going up several minutes late, probably best just to get it out of the way.

Highlights this week include Color Sheep, Color Sheep and more Color Sheep. NightSky is pretty wonderful as well, but Color Sheep speaks to the artistic lamb enthusiast inside all of us.

See what I've played and what we've reviewed, and imagine me floating on cardboard boxes on a sea of dust, tapping away at my screens.



Color Sheep - $.99 [also on iOS]

One of the coolest game ideas ever. You've got three primary colors, plus light and dark. Colored wolves are coming for you. Combine colors and brightness to blast them. Soooo good.


Cat War 2 - Free [also on iOS]

An older corridor defense game that I've just discovered. It wins, because it picks the right side of the cats vs. dogs battle.



Danger Boat - Free

It's an endless boating game! We needed an endless boating game. It's got missles, and waves, and jumps and stuff. Kinda nifty.


Eat Eat Hooray! - Free

One part village-builder, one part weird little digging game. Free your freinds from a dinosaur with a cape. He's also a wizard. Strange game. Diggin' it.


PWN: Combat Hacking - $1.99

A super-cool combat board game in 3D. Takeover all the nodes on the board before your opponent. Nice story mode, but perfect multiplayer. Love this game.


Le Vamp - $1.99

A tiny vampire runs from villagers as you feed him blood pigs. Incredibly cute endless running from High Voltage, the makers of The Conduit.



A beautiful platforming adventure from Nicalis, with gorgeous visuals and wonderfully atmospheric music. One of the best games on iOS.


Cling! - $.99

Not a platformer, but a pegformer. A quirky little game about a gashapon critter that runs on pegs. It's unique.


Adventure Time: Rock Bandits - $1.99

It's an action platformer, and it's Adventure Time. Little slow, maybe, but it's also Adventure Time.


Rolling Hero - $.99

A fresh spin on the platform puzzler, in Rolling Hero the entire screen rotates around your spherical champion.

App Reviews for the Week of March 11-15


From LittleBigPlanet Roots Springs the Freshest Puzzle Game on iTunes

I play dozens of mobile games a week, at least 24 percent of which are puzzle games. From block-matching to word games; physics puzzlers to good old Tetris clones-I've played them all. More »


Journey to Hell is Just as Unpleasant as It Sounds

Gritty heroes fight demons from hell with guns in a brownish world spiraling out of control - if Journey to Hell's story sounds clichéd, that's because it's supposed to be. More »


Some Bullet Hell Shooters are Too Hard. Some are Too Easy. This One is Just Right.

I want to be an amazing shoot-em up player, effortlessly weaving between endless streams of multicolored bullets, beams of light from my spaceship/airplane/magical girl painting enemies with glorious destruction. More »

The Conduit Was an Average Wii Game. Now It's an Excellent Mobile FPS.

Released in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii, The Conduit was a "bland, but enjoyable" sci-fi first-person shooter with an interesting puzzle-solving twist. I wasn't a big fan - More »



Ridiculous Fishing Is As Fun As Shooting Fish In A Barrel. With An Uzi.

The game isn't called Ordinary Fishing, after all. It isn't called By-The-Books Fishing, either. No, it's called Ridiculous Fishing. So it stands to reason that if you download this game, you will be expecting to do some fishing, and for it to be ridiculous. More »


You're Crazy if You Don't Get Super Stickman Golf 2 Right Now

As a rule, I like sports in video games better than I do in the real world. For someone like me who's never been great on the court or field, taking an athletic endeavor and adding a layer of the fantastic to it is one of the best joys that a sports title can offer. More »