And like that, Pokkén Tournament is suddenly that much cooler.

The above GIF is from a Pokkén trailer for Masked Pikachu. It’s not a new trailer (it’s old!), but Redditors on r/Pokemon recently pointed out that, yes, this certainly appears to be the Stunner.

[GIF via AfraidIdenticalCatfish]

During his career, Stone Cold Steve Austin popularized the move as the “Stone Cold Stunner.” According to Austin, Michael P.S. Hayes first showed him this now iconic finisher in 1996.

And now, a decade later, Masked Pikachu is using it to take out Charizard and Lucario.


Pokkén Tournament will be out in worldwide on the Wii U this March and in Japanese arcades on July 16.

Top GIF via Bandai Namco

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