Move Carefully or Get Caught In The Act

Fresh from this year's Game Developers Conference, we have video from Kotaku's Stephen Totilo showing upcoming iOS title The Act.


The lush, cinematically animated 2D game is a comic cartoon in which players control Edgar, a hapless window washer in pursuit of Sylvia, the woman of his dreams.

As the video demonstrates better than a description can, players have only one control — a gesture to the left or right — but through it can control the pacing, timing, and mood of the scenes they play. The brief demonstration above shows that even the choice of how quickly or slowly to move across a room can affect what happens when you get where you're going.

Originally designed as an arcade game in 2007, The Act is now finding a home on iOS devices and will be available for download in spring or summer of this year. The developer's website has a thorough summary of the title's complicated development history, as well as short bios on all the major characters.



I'm skeptical. The company that started this game all the way in 2005 essentially went bankrupt. That would be all well and good if they had finished the game, but afaik they didn't. Since hand-drawn animation is waaaay more expensive than other indy games, I find it doubtful that they managed to wrap up the story as they originally intended. Also I worry about the touchpad controls. The game originally used a giant dial to adjust your mood. The sheer hugeness of it allowed for very quick, subtle, stable changes. I don't see how you are going to be able to do that on a tiny little ipad screen by constantly . Picking up your finger and dragging it.

I really do hope that it's a good port though... I was excited back in the day when the game was announced and disappointed when it was cancelled. I just don't see it being much fun on a portable. It needs a nice big screen with a spinner controller.... in other words, it needs a pc port.