MotorStorm RC Director Talks Social Features, Cloud Integration, and the Ease of Vita Development

Sony has posted a new developer interview with Paul Rustchynsky, the game director on the upcoming MotorStorm RC for Sony's Vita handheld.

He talks about how the game is a refreshing change for his team, and how it's less of a hardcore action game and more of a compulsive, social racer. In the game, players will be able to use an integrated social feature to see what all of their friends are doing, and quickly hop over to join their races, should they so desire.


Rustchynsky also details how the game will go from Vita to PS3 and back—the PS3 and Vita versions are essentially the same. Your saves will be kept in the cloud and transferred to all platforms—they don't think of the two versions as separate games, but rather one product. Rustchynsky also says that they've been surprised at how easy it's been to quickly make a game on the Vita.

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