MotorStorm Apocalypse Sees Its End of Days in Japan

Disaster racer MotorStorm Apocalypse's rolling out has been a...disaster. The game features buildings falling down, which led to a delayed release in earthquake-affected New Zealand. And then earthquake-affected Japan.


Now it's been canceled outright. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment stated that the title, known as MotorStorm 3 in Japan, will not be going on sale there and apologized to players who had been waiting for the game.

The game was also delayed in the UK. It's demo was delayed in the United States out of respect for Japan's earthquake victims. Sony also removed Tokyo from the game.

Check out how the game did with Western game critics, after its release date was delayed due to the earthquake.


PlayStation®3専用ソフトウェア『モーターストーム3』 発売中止のご案内 [プレイステーション® オフィシャルサイト]

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