Motörhead's Lemmy Lives On In GTA V

Once was a time you’d pay tribute to a fallen idol by writing a song, or maybe placing some flowers. That was then. This is 2016, and some Motörhead fans have taken to frontman Lemmy’s passing a little differently.

Thanks to a mod (by Christian Brandes, David Violante and jedijosh920), Lemmy Kilmister himself is now playable in Grand Theft Auto V, complete with custom bike, outfit and drinking/smoking animations.

Course, those looking for something a little more contextual to remember the great man could always opt for Brutal Legend.

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I finally got around to playing Brutal Legend during the Steam Winter Sale (just before it, actually; one of the few times I’ve purchased a game and then watched it go on 90% sale 48 hours later—DERP).

That game is a love poem to my high school years; it’s like someone brought the soundtrack of my adolescence to life, and then stuck Jack Black—who, for all his faults, is one hell of a caretaker of the metal tradition—right in the middle of it.

So. Damned. Good.