Mother Accused of Beating Son to Death After Wii Game Breaks TV

A 21-year old Bronx woman has been charged with murder and manslaughter after the death of her five year-old son, killed after he "broke the television while playing Nintendo Wii".

Kim Crawford stands accused of murdering Jamar Johnson after telling police she struck him on the chest and back "harder than I've ever hit him" when told he had broken the family TV set while playing a Wii game.


The incident took place on June 13, yet it took five days of agonizing pain - during which Crawford refused to take her son to the hospital out of fear for what she had done - before the boy succumbed to massive internal injuries and passed away.

New York Police say that the accused has prior arrests for assault and drug use, while officers had been called to the family home nine times since 2006 to attend reports of "domestic incidents" between Crawford and the boy's father.

Mom charged with murder of 5-year-old son beat child to death because he broke the TV: prosecutors [NY Daily News]

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