Most (All?) Of The Weapons From The Killzone 2 Beta

If you're like me and didn't get into the Killzone 2 Beta, here's a video montage showcasing most of the weapons found in the game. You get a chance to see the intricate gun reload animations and hear the impressive sound effects. There's also a nice demonstration of some of destructible environment pieces, from stone columns to urinals, of all things.


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Sando Calrissian

Looks as generic as generic can be. At best his will be a Halo for the grey/brown "realism" crowd; a well tuned-fit together at the edges-nothing new-shooter. You'll all buy it up like fucking hot cakes.

Do you want to be playing the same game your whole god damned life? I mean, hell, buy it, but it doesn't need the hype. Can anyone tell me any significant difference between this and, say, F.E.A.R. besides that in this, the gas-mask wearing baddies have glowing eyes?

It's just another not-super-simulated-tom-clancy-style-but-still-kind-of-realistic-FPS, and all that means these days is that you have to spend most of your time figuring out the subtle differences between machine gun A (ratatatatata) and machine gun B (ratatat ratatat) instead of enjoying said differences by throwing in, say, BFG C (squeeeoooo POW).