Mortal Kombat's Scorpion Shows Off His Most Brutal Moves

Simply having access to Scorpion's brutal move set in next year's new Mortal Kombat isn't enough. It's in the way that you use them.


This is obviously a video of someone who knows what they're doing controlling one of Mortal Kombat's most iconic anti-heroes as he punches, kicks, and grabs his way through a host of mortal combatants. Note how the player strings together the moves effortlessly, taking control of his opponent and never letting up.

If this were me playing Mortal Kombat, the video would be 60 seconds of Scorpion pulling his foe towards him with the chain, performing an uppercut, and then repeating that process as many times as the other player allowed. It's a losing strategy, but on the plus side I would get to see the inside of Scorpion's body being shattered multiple times before my final death.


It's the little things.

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The graphics itself look good. But the animation is pretty disappointing. I mean come on. DOA4 has better animation than this. And that was released 5 years ago.