Mortal Kombat X Is Letting Console Players Try Its New DLC Characters for Free

This week saw the release of Kombat Pack 2 for the console versions of Mortal Kombat X, which adds Leatherface, Bo Rai Cho, Alien and Tri-Borg. The standalone pack costs $20 but you can try the new characters for free for the next few days.


This post originally ran March 4. I’m pulling it up because there’s one more day to try out these characters.

Netherrealm has opened up a Premier Tower in the latest chapter of their fighting game franchise that allows players to go a few rounds with MKX’s newest roster additions. I ran through the Who’s Next tower this morning to get a feel for the quartet of fresh Kombatants.

I’m a little rusty at MKX and never have been a fighting games master in general. Nevertheless, I manage to pull off a few surprise Brutalities and at least one Fatality for each character. You’ll also see a secret fight show up during the Tri-borg sequence, pitting you against a returning man-machine character who straight up kicked my ass.

Netherrealm has allowed for this kind of sampling before within their recurring tower offerings; it’s a nice way to let players put new additions through their paces without having to plunk down cash to try them out. The Who’s Next tower will be up for the next four days.

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Not a fan of that “redesign” mouth they did with Xenomorph Alien.

Why ruin it? It’s a classic artwork. Don’t fuck it up.