Love them or hate them, selfies are pretty much everywhere—including Mortal Kombat.

While Mortal Kombat X’s gruesome fatalities get most of the attention , the game does include some sillier fatalities, too. Take this one by Cassie Cage, for example. As this footage by FrozenEclipse101 shows, it starts out as a fatality normally would—in this case, Cassie brutally unhinges the jaw of her enemy. Right after she does that, she pulls the enemy in close, and then proceeds to take a duck-face selfie with the corpse. Seriously.


It gets better. The fatality shows Cassie uploading the picture to Mortal Kombat X’s version of Facebook. Naturally, this social media hub is called Friendships. The Friendships page is full of gags:

Illustration for article titled iMortal Kombat X/i Has a Selfie Fatality

You can also see other combatants comment on the selfie, too. All of this comes together to make the Selfie fatality my favorite Mortal Kombat X fatality so far. Yes, it’s not the most brutal fatality in the game. But it is the most memorable and culturally relevant one.

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A “culturally relevant” method of execution.

Kinda makes you think, don’t it?