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"Mortal Kombat Killer" Enters Guilty Plea

Illustration for article titled Mortal Kombat Killer Enters Guilty Plea

"Mortal Kombat killer" Lamar Roberts will not be going to trial after all, having now plead guilty to child abuse and recklessly causing the death of seven-year-old Zoe Garcia late last year.


Roberts and his girlfriend Heather Trujillo, Zoe's half-sister, were both charged in the incident, in which Lamar allegedly acted out moves from the Mortal Kombat series, using the seven-year-old as his opponent. Trujillo was sentenced back in July, receiving an 18-year suspended sentence and six years in a youth offender program as part of a plea bargain.


Roberts had previously plead not-guilty to the charges in August, but has now entered a guilty plea in advance of the scheduled January 12th trial date. Instead he will now be sentenced on January 16th.

Man pleads guilty in 'Mortal Kombat' beating death [Rocky Mountain News]

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Hey look, yet another completely irrelevant article related to death, crime, and vaguely, video gaming.

Did we suddenly end up with CNN editors within the last few months or what? All these retarded stories do is cause flamewars between people that sympathize with some tragedy and people that make dark jokes about it.

And is it any wonder people are making jokes? We're bombarded with these stories daily, stories about strangers in other places that do stupid things and harm people, and just because they wore a Metroid t-shirt we're supposed to be concerned. It's nearly impossible to not become jaded.

Honestly, I liked Kotaku better when it was about gaming. Flame away.