Mortal Kombat 11's Joker Gets A Much-Needed Makeover

In August, when Netherrealm Studios revealed the full roster of downloadable fighters for Mortal Kombat 11’s first Kombat Pass, many fans were put off by the buff, well-groomed version of DC Comics villain Joker. Apparently Netherrealm took those concerns to heart, as last night’s video announcing a January 28 release for the character stars a lankier, more disheveled, more maniacal version of the clown prince of crime.

It was a bit shocking when the studio that had done the Joker great justice in the Injustice series (and Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe back in the Midway days) tried to pass off this foppish loon as a Mortal Kombat 11 guest character.

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He looks like Joker cosplay. He’s a Joker that stops by his stylist before doing crimes. He has never danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. He probably doesn’t even like the way that sounds.

Much fuss was made over the Joker’s initial appearance. YouTube videos were made. Conspiracy theories were floated that the character was originally supposed to be Ash from The Evil Dead and the strange Joker model was some sort of reskin. Fans offered their own redesign ideas in order to fix the Joker.

All for naught, as it turns out, as Netherrealm fixed him themselves. Here’s the new and greatly improved Mortal Kombat 11 Joker.

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Those dark, evil eyes. The pointed chin. The rictus grin. The hooked nose. That’s the Joker. He looks even better in action. Watch him fight Cassie Cage in her Harley Quinn-inspired outfit from last night’s Video Game Awards trailer.

Fans are pleased, except those still angry it’s not Ash from The Evil Dead. I am pleased. The new and improved Joker arrives in Mortal Kombat 11 on January 28.

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Gene Jacket

Much better?

Not as bad, maybe, but it’s still awful.

On a related note, Netherrealm needs to get their shit together in regards to dlc characters. They more or less killed it with MK9 (even if some of them were broken as all fuck). The first Injustice had a great selection of DLC fighters (sans Scorpion). MKX even had a pretty good dlc roster, even if I was not at all a fan of the game itself.

Injustice 2, however, left a ton to be desired. Red Hood, Black Manta, and the Turtles were all phenomenal. Hellboy, Atom, and Enchantress were entirely lackluster, and Starfire (my MOST anticipated of the dlc lineup) was a huge letdown. I could deal with one MK character on the roster, and Sub-Zero was the obvious choice since they forced Scorpion into the first game, but no one, NO FUCKING ONE, was asking for Raiden and he had no business being paid dlc.

So far, MK11 is better in this regard than Injustice 2 was, but only a little. Shang Tsung is great, Nightwolf is always cool, and Sindel is a blast. Terminator is...fine, I guess, and I’ll give Spawn a pass only because his inclusion in MK11 means people won’t be begging for him to take up a space in Injustice 3. Joker, just like Raiden, has no business in the game. I get why so many fan-favorite MK characters weren’t included in the base roster, who with so many being dead in canon, but DLC is their opportunity to include said characters without affecting the story. Rain, Smoke, Milena, Takeda, Reptile, Ermac, Kenshi, Sheeva, etc, all left out...but sure, why not, throw fucking Joker in there for some reason....