Morrowind Mod Pack Put To The Sword

Hope you grabbed that big Morrowind mod pack released the other day, because it's tough to find at the moment.


Turns out the man responsible for the package didn't get the approval of all the individual mods whose work was included, and after a succession of requests and threats Morrowind 2011 is now "under attack", with its torrent links being blocked.

"The...problem here...was that when the package came out, a few modders (myself included) contacted the compiler and simply asked for [him] to a) ask permission to use the mods and b) remove ones that he couldn't get permission for," one of the included mod's creators tells Joystiq.

"Just a bit of respect for the modders who put their time and effort in, and most of us would've given permission if asked."

While Morrowind 2011's creator (compiler?) defends his actions by stating that credits for the individual mods were included as part of the pack, that doesn't escape the fact the mods were used without the permission of their creators, some of whom believe that this constitutes a violation of copyright law.


Pity. Like the modder above says, a little courtesy would have gone a long way, and we'd now all be enjoying a new take on the role-playing classic instead of having dirty laundry aired all over the place.

Those wanting to get Morrowind looking nicer, don't sweat this too much: the pack in question was simply a one-stop-shop for a range of great mods. The individual mods themselves are still available. Here's a good place to start if you want to take the DIY approach.


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