More Video Game Characters Should Be Turned Into Shoes

Adidas makes some Dragon Ball shoeZ, No Man’s Sky has more mans than ever, a celebrity musician confused the audience at a video game-related event, Elon Musk loves BioShock, and an investor makes a weird, expensive bet against Nintendo on this episode of Kotaku XP, our weekly discussion of zesty game topics.

Gita and I both like Adidas’s new Dragon Ball shoes—particularly the Frieza ones. The shoes’s shades of purple are sublime. I don’t know about you, though I could talk about Akira Toriyama’s taste in purple all day long. The hero in Dragon Quest V’s cape and turban! Now that is a shade of purple!


With the recent Sonic the Hedgehog shoes and now the Dragon Ball shoes, it looks like we may have entered the golden age of video game shoe collaborations. Representatives of the shoe industry and the game industry must be shaking hands in a banquet hall somewhere.

What video game character would you adapt into a shoe? (Mega Man X Jordans” is cheating, though it’s the kind of cheating I love.) I want to say Mario, being the original “Jumpman,” would be a pair of Jordan Retro 1 high-tops, though I’m having a hard time imagining a colorway that wouldn’t end up in the clearance section.


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I did not know about Elon Musk liking Bioshock. I guess after SpaceX in the next 10 years he’ll build Rapture and Columbia.