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Llamasoft's Space Giraffe is, shall we say, one of the more critically divisive Xbox LIVE titles. Its brand of rock-hard psychedelic blasting and crazed art direction splitting gamers into love and hate camps more effectively than Marmite sushi. When the title hits the PC, though, Llamasoft developer Giles (Ivan Zorzin) says that some of the promised 100 new levels may be toned down to suit PC user's tastes. "Some of them could be a bit more "vanilla" for those that found the SG original graphics maybe a bit 'too blasting for their own taste'," said Giles on the Llamasoft blog, "we wish this time to really manage to pleasure more and less psychedelic users" Wow, even the sentence syntax is psychedelic. That Llamasoft! The light is coming soon. - Giles [Llamasoft via Offworld]


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