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While Riot Games' League of Legends is speeding towards a September release, the company still craves your testing acumen, and isn't above bribing you with exclusive Champion skins.


League of Legends is an online persistent massively-multiplayer real-time strategy title, and Riot Games wants to make sure they don't flip the switch in September only to have the servers explode. To that extent, they need you, the player, to sign up for the closed beta so then can make sure the game can carry your weight. Testers who've been participating prior to last month are getting character name credit in the game itself, and while you might be too late for that benefit, an exclusive beta tester-only Champion skin can be yours should you make it in.

"By expanding the pool of beta users we strive to support the strong community following itching to jump right into the game," Brandon Beck, co-founder and CEO, Riot Games, said. "We truly value the input and early support our community has provided, so it's only fair that they get credit and rewarded for helping to mold the game!"


See? Rewards! Head over to the game's official site to sign up for rewards.

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