More Super Robot Wars Anime? That Seems Possible

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Fullmetal Alchemist animator Satoshi Kubo has publicly stated on Japanese social networking site Mixi that he refused to work on a Super Robot Wars project. He cited the involvement of a certain staffer for the reason why.


A Super Robot Wars project? Does that mean a new one?

As website Anime News Network points out, Kubo then confirmed on Mixi that he was referring to a new Super Robot Wars anime.

For the past 19 years, Super Robot Wars tactical role-playing games have been released in Japan with the most recent title, Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masokishin The Lord of Elemental released this past May. The franchise has been adapted into several anime series in the past.

Animator: More Super Robot Wars Anime in Planning [Anime News Network] [Pic]



While I'm sure the current Super Robot Wars games are good and all, I want to know if they still include the "old-skool" Super Robots like my man Mazinger-Z here.

I'd say a massive anime crossover of the Super Robots is definitely in order!