We've got several entries from all types of game to go up today. And one entry that puts my Bubs disaster completely to shame. Enjoy!

The Half-Life pumpkin was carved last year by Gerard "OriginalGman." Ghostbusters comes our way from Cameron Leatham, Joe Greene and his wife contributed Strong Bad pumpkins. Sean Lefebvre handled Mario and Bowser. And Borderlands was done by Dennis Cwik.

Here's how some of the experts got it done:

"I used one of those [store-bought pumpkin carving] sets, and I also have this hobby knife kit that had some useful blades in it. The U-shaped chisel thing (not sure what the actual name is) was particularly useful for removing the skin. I think I'm going to pick up a light bulb base and use that to light it up, though. It has to be completely dark to see the effect, and my camera still had trouble picking it up. I had to crank the brightness up on that picture."

"Being cheap, I used what I had. Bagsofcrap shows my Masterchef Duracut set going for $10 one day (http://www.bagsofcrap.com/woot.html.php?id=2556), and so I only used one of the steak knifes on the left side of the picture (as that was the sharpest knife I could find in the entire set). The luxurious and ergonomic plastic handle handle did give a nice cracking sound as I tried to remove the top to scoop the guts too, but it held together like a champ.