More Motion Controls, Way More Fun Spotted In This New Super Mario 3D Land Video

I still like my disco music better, but here's the latest true trailer from Nintendo showing off Super Mario 3D Land.


The video shows off a lot of cool things, like the gyroscopically controlled binoculars in the game and, well, tons of fun Mario gameplay.


You can also apparently download this video on your 3DS to wach it in 3D.

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So is it safe to say that people are excited for this game?

This leads me to ask this question: why didn't any other third-party developer create a 3D platformer before 3D Land? It's not like Nintendo making a 3D platformer was going to be a big surprise so why did no other developer jump on that before Nintendo takes the top spot? Y'know, like LBP but with the schtick being 3D and motion controls. Just have to make it cute and/or retro looking and people will eat it up.