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More Level-5 Soccer Anime

Illustration for article titled More Level-5 Soccer Anime

Like soccer cartoons? Good for you. Japanese game developer Level-5 (Dragon Quest VIII, Professor Layton franchise) has spun its soccer role-playing-game Inazuma Eleven into an anime.


That anime has aired its first season, and according to Level-5, it will continue for a second season. There is also a manga based on the title.

The DS game has players put together a team for tournaments. A sequel for the Nintendo DS has been announced along with a Wii version. Inazuma Eleven has not yet been localized into English.


Level 5's Inazuma Eleven Anime Confirmed for 2nd Year [Anime News Network]

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Nothing like Captain Tsubasa. Or by the name known in latinamerica: Supercampeones.

I have a Japan national team football jersey I brought from that country when I went to the World Cup in 2002. Said jersay has no number on the back (yet). I've been seriously thinking about putting a 10 and a "O. Atom" on the back (Oliver Atom).

Should I?

I cant believe myself, Im actually being serious. Should I then or not?