It was over three years ago that we got our first look at the Star Wars Battlefront game that never was. Now some more footage has surfaced, and it's of a much better quality.

Obtained by website Past to Present Online, there are both decent-quality screenshots and some video footage of an early build of the game in action.

It looks...yup, like a multiplayer Star Wars game! Those mocking the footage, remember, it was a very early build of the game; it's almost impossible to tell what the finished product could have been like.

That said, the scale of those space battles looks impressive.

To catch up on the sad history of an oft-neglected franchise, start here and follow the links backwards. Note, for example, that this was the first attempt at making a third Battlefront game. It's since apparently been handed off to first Slant Six Games and now Spark Unlimited.


There's more info, and more screenshots, at the link below.

Star Wars: Battlefront III [PTOP]