More Donald Ducks In Kingdom Hearts, Please

Back at it again in the Donald Duck hellscape.
Back at it again in the Donald Duck hellscape.
Screenshot: Square Enix / BobJerry

With the arrival of the Kingdom Hearts series on PC last week, enterprising players can now tinker with the games in ways that were either too difficult or downright impossible to achieve on consoles. Naturally, this has resulted in a mod that lets folks spawn (among other things) hundreds of Donald Ducks.


“You thought having one Donald was bad?” on-screen text reads in the opening of YouTube uploader BobJerry’s video. “Check this out.”

Square Enix / BobJerry (YouTube)

Bringing this many Donald Ducks to life in Kingdom Hearts III is obviously pretty taxing on the game engine, which slows to a crawl at several points in the demonstration, but there’s just something so magical about seeing so many of the little, grumpy dudes in one place. I also love that a single Goofy is there too, vibing with his cloned buddies.

While one of the most powerful mages in Square Enix history, Donald is also an infamously unhelpful party member when it comes to doling out heals. With so many on the screen at once, maybe Sora can finally get the support he so desperately needs while fighting Ursula from The Little Mermaid and (checks notes) whoever the heck Master Xehanort is.

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Ok hear me out here; 3-5 years from now, square releases a semi-spinoff kingdom hearts game where instead of going to disney movie worlds, you go to the worlds of disney channel shows. They could do a gravity falls world, a phineas and ferb world (bonus points if the final boss of the world is called the “heartless-inator”), worlds for amphibia and the owl house, a kim possible world, AND a ducktales world, because why the fuck not