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More Details On Sony Sales Slump: PS2, PSP, PS3 Sales All Down

Illustration for article titled More Details On Sony Sales Slump: PS2, PSP, PS3 Sales All Down

You guessed it: times are tough. And few places are feeling it as bad as Sony, who have tonight announced a drop in games unit revenue, hardware sales and software sales.


As you can see in the graph above, PS2 sales are down 52% from this time last year. PSP sales are down 12%. And the PS3, as we've touched on already, is down 9%.


Things aren't looking much rosier on the software front, with PS2 sales down 51% and PSP game sales down 15%. The PS3, well, it's a lone bright spot, with game sales are up 57% (which along with cost reductions on the hardware contributed to the division staying out of the red), though that wasn't enough to stop a decline in overall sales.

In terms of cash intake, the game division's sales fell from ¥581 billion in 2007 to ¥393 billion in 2008, falling hardware and software sales not helped by fluctuations in the value of the Yen against the Dollar and Euro.

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Brad Meine

-And few places are feeling it as bad as Sony-

Actually, there are a lot of places feeling it "as bad as Sony". Boeing is feeling it right now. Starbucks is feeling it too. Microsoft is ESPECIALLY feeling it, considering so many people were recent laid off at Microsoft Game Studios (some of my good friends included).

But who am I to say contrary? Spin on, you spinning spin-train.