Hey, look, more digital prick-teasing, courtesy of Bungie. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of this type of shameless hype-mongering, but then, there are no doubt clues/leads as to what this all means scattered throughout this latest update, so I can post it and call it a...public service announcement. If anyone's in the mood to speculate madly, I'm just going to throw my hat in and remind you that while Americans may think "maintenance" when you hear Superintendant, it can also be a rank in the police/prison service. Just some food for thought.

<\\> UNSC OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE <\\> TAC-OPS LOGISTICS DATABASE [ONI.SEC.PRTCL-1A] <\ * PRIORITY! * RESOURCE RE-ALLOCATION REQUEST >> SENT: [DARE.V.500341(S1)] >> RECEIVED: HEAVY CRUISER "SAY MY NAME" [SMN.ACTUAL] \ PARTIAL VTT TRANSCRIPT AS FOLLOWS... [SMN.ACTUAL]: "The situation on the ground isn't my concern." [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "I understand, Admiral. But I need —" [EXPLOSION (4.0098s)] [SMN.UNKNOWN]:[UNINTELLIGIBLE > PANIC(?)] [SMN.ACTUAL]: "Empty archer pods six through twelve!" [SMN.ACTUAL]: "Ready the MAC, and come about!" [SMN.UNKNOWN]:[UNINTELLIGIBLE > INSUBORDINATION(?)] [SMN.ACTUAL]: "It may have passed us, Lieutenant, but it's still in range." [SMN.ACTUAL]: "Come about. And shoot it in the ass." [EXPLOSION (2.3482s)] [STATIC (3.8761s)] [SMN.UNKNOWN]:[UNINTELLIGIBLE > COMPLIANCE(?)] [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "Admiral, about my squad?" [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "I've forwarded their NCO's name to your —" [SMN.ACTUAL]: "Enough, Captain!" [SMN.ACTUAL]: "If I survive this attack..." [SMN.ACTUAL]: "I will deploy per my orders from Fleet HQ!" [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "Sir. I don't report to Fleet." [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "And the men I want? Now they don't either." [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "Please. Read my request." [STATIC (2.8179s)] [EXPLOSION (3.0194s)] [STATIC (7.4501s)] [SMN.ACTUAL]: "Didn't think you S1 types ever left your cave." [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "Desperate times..." [SMN.ACTUAL]: "Alright, Captain. You've got your squad." [SMN.ACTUAL]: "If I survive the attack." [EXPLOSION (2.9016s)] [SMN.ACTUAL]: "And right now? That'll take a genuine act of God." [DARE.V.500341(S1)]: "I'll see what I can do." \ ~ REQUEST COMPLETE \ DATABASE CLOSED \>



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