More About DSi Camera, DSi Sound

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As Nintendo announced today, its new DS variant, the DSi, is outfitted with two cameras and music playback. And with DSi Camera, users can add effects that include face composition that combine faces, distortion, superimposing face altering expressions and adding picture frames. DSi Sound access SD memory card sound files to alter the tune's playback. There are various music visualizers as well — baby chicks hatching out of eggs, for example. Via the mic, it's possible to record up to 10 seconds of sound, and it's also possible to alter the sounds as well as music. ニンテンドーDSiの内蔵機能、「DSiカメラ」と「DSiサウンド」でできること [IT Media]


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this is serisouly the biggest crap nintendo ever invented after the virtual boy. Jesus christ stop trying to do 1000 things at a time and EXCEL in one: GAMING. "We really do care about our hardcore gamers"

Sure, hardcore gamers take alot of pictures, I'm pretty sure about that.

The only good reason to buy this model, is if you don't have a DS, need a music player, and don't give a damn about older games. It's the only reason I see, everything else was fine. as Denis Leary would say:

"DS was fine the way it was, you wanna f*ck that up, that's fine, but you gonna pay the price."