Monsters vs. Aliens Scares Up 3DS Content. Just in time for Halloween.

Illustration for article titled emMonsters vs. Aliens/em Scares Up 3DS Content. Just in time for Halloween.

Nintendo revealed this morning that 3D video shorts featuring DreamWorks Animation slated for Oct. as well as another Blue Man Group video. That's not all, 3net is also providing a handful of clips.

DreamWorks Animation is creating two Halloween-themed shorts for the 3DS, premiering this month. The first one is available starting today, and it stars characters from Monsters vs. Aliens. Nintendo did not specify which characters would be appearing. The second short features the three little German pigs from Shrek.

"Nintendo 3DS is a powerful platform that allows content creators to reach users on-the-go, and we are thrilled to be working with Nintendo to make some of our DreamWorks Animation 3D content available this Halloween season," said Jim Mainard, Head of Production Development for DreamWorks Animation, in an official release.


Blue Man Group is bringing its sixth and final clip to the 3DS this month.

3net, a collaboration between Discovery Communications, Sony, and Imax, will provide content to the 3DS. Programming includes Bullproof about bull riders, Feeding Time about animals, and Building the Brand about iconic brands. Say, Discovery Communications, Imax, and Sony—those are iconic brands.

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Killer Toilet

So they're exploiting Nintendo Video as an advertising tool instead of one for actual video. At least give us archives of past videos!