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Monster Hunter Stalks the Mighty iPhone

The race to bag the biggest game of all gets small in Japan this June, when Capcom launches Monster Hunter Dynamic Fighting, the furiously popular franchises first foray onto the iPhone.


Taking a cue from Epic's one-on-one fighter Infinity Blade, Monster Hunter Dynamic Fighting sees players facing off mano-e-monstoro against some of biggest, baddest monsters the series has to offer. Players will use one finger to control their attacks, and a combination of two fingers to evade and defend. Useful items will be a touch away on the lower right of the screen.

Monster Hunter Dynamic Fighting is slated for Japanese release next month. After that, it should be only a matter of time before we get in touch with the hunter lurking inside our iPhones.

Illustration for article titled emMonster Hunter/em Stalks the Mighty iPhone

Monster Hunter Coming to iPhone [Adriasang via Capcom]

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Oh Capcom, why won't you release an online MH for PS3 and 360? (And yes, I'm aware of Frontier) It would sell like hotcakes in the West.

MH3 was a good start (and a great game), but was a poor match overall for the wii both in hardware and demographics.