Moneysaver: What Do You Want To See?

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We're coming up on two months since rebooting the Moneysaver, and we want to take a moment and dedicate a post to suggestions and requests. Today is your opportunity to give feedback, ask questions, tear things apart, etc. We want to know what you love and hate, and specifically, what you want to see more of. Some things we're already intending to cover more in the future:

• T-shirts
• PC Parts
• Tabletop and board games.

Good Suggestions from today:

• Anime
• Action figures, toys, LEGO
• More gaming merchandise
• Tools

Update: We're aware that many of our international readers want more deals that apply to them, and we will continue to try to improve in that area. It's no easy task.


Update 2: To be clear, and with all due respect, Moneysaver will never be nothing but video games, nor will Kotaku as a whole. However, I can assure you that other content will never upstage video games, or take away from our coverage of them.

Update 3: At the moment, categories are still fluid and still evolving. Eventually we will have a locked in set of categories and an order to them that makes the most sense.

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Basically, keep doing what you're doing! As I've said before, this is basically the only website I check every day. It's certainly the only website I check multiple times a day. So, the more different types of things y'all list, the better for me.

Watches, churro makers, games even. It all seems good to me, and it even kind of gives me ideas of stuff I may want. Thanks for carimg about what we have to say, btw.