Amazon has launched a brand new indie store, and we've got your first coverage right here.

Amazon is going beyond just having awesome sales with the opening of their indie shop.

The retailer is running a sweet promotion until July 17th where anyone who buys a game from their indie store will receive three free games. These three games will rotate, and of course, the Moneysaver will keep you posted on which three are currently on offer. The current trio is:
• Dynasty of Dusk
• The Curse of Nordic Cove
• Huntsman: The Orphange

But it gets even better. Amazon will sell a set of indie bundles that also rotate over time. These bundles will be priced at $10 and will consist of either 5 or 10 games. When you purchase one of these bundles, 100% of the revenue goes to the developers. Check out their indie developer spotlights.

Ok, enough preamble, listed below are some of our favorite picks from the long lists of items on sale. Games are Steam unless otherwise noted, prices are 50% off of retail unless otherwise noted, and the majority of the titles are playable on Mac as well as PC. Indie up. Full List.

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