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Welcome to a (very) special 3am ET Moneysaver. Amazon has an absolutely massive sale starting right now, and we've got insta-coverage first and just for you. All told, there are well over 1500 games on sale, with some going live over the next couple days. I know, because I just looked through them all to pick out the best ones for you. Some good things to know are that almost all of these activate on Steam, and I'll mention if they don't. If you see a game you want in a bundle, it's probably on sale individually too. I'll also call out when there's a Mac version on sale.

If you're looking for a game not listed here, it's worth a search. [Amazon]

On an unrelated note, I just got back from the Star Trek Into Darkness sneak premiere in IMAX, and it's decidedly less Lindelof'd than other Lindelof joints.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown + Civ 5 Gold + Civ 4 Complete ($20)

Battlefield 3 + Battlefield 2 Complete + Bad Company Ultimate [Origin] ($20) | Individual games also on sale.

Bioshock 1+2 and Spec Ops: The Line ($10)
Bioshock 1+2 ($5)

Arkham Asylum GOTY + Arkham City GOTY ($11.50) | Individual games also on sale

Deadlight + Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet + Mark of the Ninja + Toy Soldiers + Iron Brigade ($10) | Yes, $10, seriously. | Individual games also on sale.

Command Conquer Ultimate Digital Collection [Origin] ($10) | 17 games

Fable III w/ DLC + Fable: The Lost Chapters ($10)

Sonic 1/2/3/4+Knuckles+CD+7 others ($10)

Mortal Kombat 1+2+3 ($2.50)

Dead Space 1+2 [Origin] ($8)

F.E.A.R 1+2+3 ($10) | Individual games also on sale.

Star Trek + FREE Inversion ($25)

Single Games

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition [Origin] ($25)

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition ($7.50) | Finally about to dig into Demon's Souls myself.

Saints Row the Third: The Full Package ($12.50)

Rayman: Origins ($19.50)

Beyond Good and Evil ($6.50)

Driver: San Francisco Deluxe ($16)

Age of Empires III Complete ($10)

Metro 2033 ($5) | It's been $3 once, but it's definitely worth five.

Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe ($9)

Odyssee ($0.75)
Exoddus ($.75)
Stranger's Wrath ($3)
Munch's Odyssee ($1.65)

Brutal Legend ($10)

The 7th Guest ($2.50)

Dead Island GOTY ($5) | It's been $4 once or twice, but yes, it's worth five.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted [Origin] ($15) | Have hell remembering which NFS is the current game in the series.

The Walking Dead ($10)
The Walking Dead [Mac] ($10) | Snagging this for myself.

Marathoned this over the weekend and loved it. Can't believe I waited so long.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($5)
DLC The Missing Link ($3.75)

Alice Madness Returns Complete ($7.50) | Includes American McGee's Alice

Company of Heroes GOTY ($5)

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed ($7.50)

Ghostbusters ($5)

The Cave ($5)

Renegade Ops ($3.75) | Super fun, grab it now if you missed out.


Battlefield 3 Premium [Origin] ($15) | For those that missed that super short-lived Gamefly sale the other day.

Assassin's Creed III Season Pass ($15) | Individual DLC's also on sale.

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