Moneysaver One-Shot: Rockstar Weekend

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Hey now, you're a Rockstar, get on Amazon, go save.

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You don't have to go bowling ad nauseum with annoying NPC's to enjoy these deals. Amazon's gone and discounted quite a few Rockstar games for the weekend, so if these must-plays haven't made their way into your collection yet, today is the day. We'll break out a few of the best offers below and then let you dig in. [Amazon]


By the way, several of these games are Steam, and as an added bonus, you'll receive a $5 credit toward a future purchase of a Rockstar game on Amazon by partaking. There are even some Mac versions mixed in there.

GTA IV Complete ($15)

L.A. Noire Complete ($15)


Manhunt ($4)


Manhunt 2 ($7.50)


Max Payne 3 ($20)


Edit: Updated the post to resolve some confusion with bundles not being cheaper than the individual games. Listings changed since the post was composed.

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I bought L.A. Noire half a year ago and remember instantly disliking it; I think I played a few "missions" before I gave up. Does it get more interesting along the way? Because I couldn't care for the (IMO!) boring detective scenes were you just have to find something "clickable" and the really weird interrogation scenes (seriously, I was impressed with the facial animation before I bought the game, but when I actually saw it while playing the game, it was just frustrating and confusing)...
Should I give it another try or will I dislike the rest if the first part just isn't my thing?