Your 5 Nominations For Best Gaming Monitor

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Welcome to Part 2 of our Moneysaver Co-Op segment on the best Gaming Monitors. In Part 1, you nominated your favorites, and today you'll be voting on the top 5 nominations. Like our mouse nominations, parsing the votes was not a simple process, in fact it was even more complicated, but we think we made the right judgment calls.


Let's get right into your choices.

Monoprice Monitors

Being a segment about saving money, we love Monoprice and their monitors. In fact, Monoprice's 30" is my monitor of choice at home. Based on their inventory, it looks like Monoprice has chosen to focus on their newest 27" model, so we will as well. 2560x1440, IPS LED, HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, VESA-mountable, built-in speakers. $474. [Monoprice]

BenQ Monitors

BenQ has become synonymous with Major League Gaming and Gaming Monitors in general. Their 27" LED packs in features like 120Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 3D, HDMI, DisplayPort, and a unique form factor for its easy to adjust stand. $430. [Amazon]

Dell UltraSharp


Dell's UltraSharp line is a venerable, time-tested series of monitors that command respect and confidence. Their newest 27", while pricey, is quite the package, featuring 2560x1440 resolution, HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2, and even USB 3.0 for $720+. [Amazon]

Samsung Monitors


Like Dell and ASUS, Samsung has a wide variety of monitors that cover all price ranges, sizes, and specs. Their 27" Series 9 for example is a real stunner with its 2560x1440 resolution, all the inputs you'd expect, and beautiful design. Did we mention it's manually calibrated? ~$1000. [Amazon]

ASUS Monitors


Like the BenQ, the ASUS, at least the one we're leaning on for this description, is built from the ground up to be a gaming monitor. The 24" 1080p boasts 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate, along with all the inputs you want, and 3D if you're into that. Also, it's only $282 on Amazon right now. [Amazon]


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What is the appeal of these large monitors? I still like my 20" monitor even though I tried a 23" in the past. I don't know what the appeal is to these 27" or even 30" monitors. You do get all that screen space, but it seems too large for gaming even. Maybe its just me, but I think the monitor sizes are getting ridiculous.