What's The Best Gaming Mouse?

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The choice is yours and yours alone.

Here's how it goes:

Post #1: You guys nominate your favorites in the comments section.

Post #2: After counting the votes from Post #1, we take the top five choices and vote on them.


Post #3: We announce the winner.

This is a great opportunity for you (and us) to gain valuable knowledge and experience from your fellow readers, and provides us with a great tool to link back to when posting future deals on related products. Of course, you are encouraged to discuss your experiences, weigh in on price, post product links, link to forum threads, link to reviews, etc.

Now, for the sake of my sanity, let's try to keep this organized. If you want to nominate a product, and you're the first person to mention it, start a new comment thread and bold the product name. Everyone else who wants to cast their vote for that product, comment on that thread and somewhere in your response have the word "vote" in bold. Please, one vote per person.

Image comes from this Starcraft 2 forum, here is a full size version.

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Nomination: Razer DeathAdder.

I like it for its simplicity and price point. I find it performs very well as a supplement to MMO gaming in particular.