Monaco, A Four-Player Video Game Heist, In Action

We recently reported that Independent Games Festival grand-prize-winning heist game Monaco was given a graphical makeover. Now you can see it in action, with game developer Andy Schatz providing play-by-play.


I shot this video at the Penny Arcade Expo while Andy narrated. Four people played the game, using Xbox 360 controllers, while sitting on a couch. Monaco supports up to four gamers joining forces to steal jewels and other valuables from a variety of well-secured locations. Players can control different types of thieves, each of whom has special abilities (blowing up walls, being able to see through walls with infrared, using chloroform on guards, etc.)


The level that you can see here is an introductory area. It allows the players to snoop, steal and escape, but it's light on interaction with the game's other characters. In later levels, you spend as much time watching out for guards and regular folk as you do trying not to be spotted by security cameras or tripped by laser beams.

The Monaco couch was full all PAX long, as far as I could see. This game is a quartet-pleaser.

Schatz is hoping to release Monaco in 2011 on PC and at least one console.

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Why this remember me of this:

Nice concept! I'm hyped to give it a try.