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The BBC lined up a panel of gaming dignitaries to mull over the best of 2008 and expectations for 2009, they tapped into gaming culture with the help of Peter Molyneux, Will Wright, and... Fatal1ty?


That's right, Pro Gaming's former top dog Johnathan Wendel, was among the short list of gaming experts when the BBC came a calling. If you can get past that you'll find an interesting and varied look at what some though were the highs and lows of this year and where they hope things will head next year.

Fable-creator Molyneux, for instance, seems enamored with the Wii and LittleBigPlanet, though not necessarily with the Playstation 3. Spore head-honcho Wright is also a fan of the Wii, and social networking in games.


Fatal1ty? He's a big fan of his new line of headphones.

Looking back to the future of fun

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