Illustration for article titled Molyneux Reviews Fable II, Scores It Out Of Ten

If Peter Molyneux had to review Fable II, what score would he give it? Putting aside the fact that: a) It's his own game b) This is Peter Molyneux we're talking about shouldn't surprise you that he loves the game. Says that, unlike every other game he's done recently, he hasn't chucked a whole bunch of crap into it and hoped it all came out OK at the other end. No, this one's got some polish. "It's the best, most complete game I've ever worked on", he says. So, what's his score? CHatting with Xbox World 360 magazine, he says he'd give the game 9/10. Hopefully kick-starting a trend where all prominent developers rate their scores prior to release. Can't wait for Dude Huge's Gears 2 review! Molyneux rates Fable II "9 out of 10" [Xbox World 360, via CVG] [Image]

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