A 46-year-old Taiwanese man has been arrested for raping four young boys.

The perpetrator would invite young boys to his house on the pretext of playing his Nintendo Wii. Apparently, he would then sexually assault the children. One of the boys' mothers noticed that something was bothering her son, and he told what had happened to him. The mother then contacted the police, which began the investigation.

The man, who sports a shaved head, is supposedly not a real Buddhist monk, but rather, a "bogus" monk. He says that the sex was consentual.


Under Taiwanese law, it is illegal to have sex with minors under the age of 14 — regardless of consent. For each count of rape, the accused faces a seven year term prison sentence.

Taiwanese television has (once again) recreated the series of events leading up to the arrest in creepy CG.


「來玩Wii」 假僧性侵4男童 [Apple Daily via Sankaku Complex NSFW]