MoeSequencers and Virtual Bonsai — What Else Can I Do On The iPhone?

I happened to be hanging out near a fellow games journalist's desk the other day when I heard the most alarming thing. I gave him a hairy eye and he said, "Hey — it's for work!"

He wasn't lying. GamesRadar's Tyler Nagata had the dubious honor of putting together a list of iPhone apps for anime lovers — and that MoeSequencer above made the cut. Also on the list is iBonsai — a virtual tree you can agonize over and admire — and several anime-themed games and apps that range from adorable to downright not-safe-for-work.


My personal favorite would probably be Mew Mew Tower, the cat-stacking game.

Check it out for more weirdness and make sure not to turn the volume up on your computer when you're watching the MoeSequencer in action.

iPhone apps for anime fans — A tentacle-free guide to games and gadgets for the everyday otaku [GamesRadar]

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