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Modnation Racers Completely Redesigned for the NGP

Illustration for article titled emModnation Racers/em Completely Redesigned for the NGP

Players have created more than two million mods and tracks on their own for popular PS3 kart racer Modnation Racers, and all of them will be playable on the NGP version of the game when it hits, Sony says.


The yet-to-be-named NGP version of the game was designed from the ground up for Sony's upcoming portable, Scott Rohde told a gathering of press. That means that players will be able to use the front and rear touch sensitivity of the NGP to draw their own tracks and then tinker with the creations.

The creation mode uses a series of icons displayed on the screen to allow players to quickly go in and customize their map by manipulating the terrain with their fingertips.


You can also adjust the weather, the sun and of course, race those tracks with the device's two thumbsticks. The NGP game also tracks how many real-world miles you've traveled with your device and rewards you for racking up the miles. Players will also be able to take photos with your modes in the foreground using the device's built-in cameras.

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If somebody asked me to pick the single most under-rated piece of software of this generation, I'd say Mod Nation Racers. It's such a finely crafted kart racer ... and I LOVE me some Mario Kart ... it boggles my mind that this game didn't take any year-end awards.

And as far as the user-generated-content goes - the sheer volume of amazing quality racers, karts and tracks that the community have created are staggering, and unlike LBP you don't need a MENSA membership card to make a functional level.

Very very glad to see that Sony is continuing to invest in it, hopefully the Playstation community will give it a go in its next iteration.