Modern Warfare's Australia-Themed DLC Will Now Benefit Bushfire Relief

Screenshot: “Outback Relief” Bushranger skin
Screenshot: “Outback Relief” Bushranger skin

After facing community backlash, Activision has rebranded Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Australia-themed cosmetic bundle and will donate profits to aid relief efforts in the country.

When an Australia-themed “Outback” cosmetic pack popped up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s shop last week at the price of 1800 COD Points, it was, to say the least, ill-timed. With ongoing bushfires devastating so much of the country, Call of Duty community members achieved a largely upvoted post on Reddit that called for Activision to donate profits from the sales to aid in the relief efforts.

Both Activision and developer Infinity Ward quickly responded on Saturday to announce that the bundle would be rebranded as the “Outback Relief” pack, and that they would donate 100 percent of the profits from the cosmetic pack to aid relief efforts. This also includes any purchases of the Outback bundle that were made prior to the rebranding.


The Outback Relief pack contains a total of eight items, including an Operator skin, sniper rifle camo, calling card, and a cute Koala weapon charm.

This was absolutely the right call. In a game so often criticized for microtransactions, I’m glad to see a cosmetic bundle aiding such crucial relief efforts. The pack will be available to purchase across all platforms from now until January 31.

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It’s better to reassess and realize you were in the wrong, than the alternatives.

How is the game doing as far as bugs, etc? i honestly haven’t played it since right before Christmas.