Modern Warfare Stimulus Pack Price Offset By Free Avatar Goggles

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So you're upset that you have to pay $15 for five maps, two of which are old, and that the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package launched broken. You know what'd cheer you up? Free night vision goggles for your avatar!

What? Does this not appease you? Perhaps you didn't understand what I was trying to communicate. Let me clarify. To celebrate the release of the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package on Xbox Live, Infinity Ward, Activision, and Microsoft are offering you free avatar night vision goggles. Simply download them from the Avatar Marketplace between now and 12AM Sunday night (Pacific), and you will not have to pay any Microsoft points for them whatsoever.


But wait? You already bought those goggles? Worry not! Microsoft will automatically credit back the purchase cost to your account by May 1.

Everything is okay now, right?

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So, if we're dumb enough to pay $15 for 3 maps, we get to advertise the game for free, rather than paying to advertise the game? This is just too beautiful. DLC is like a big market survey for corporations, providing data each year as to how stupid humans are getting.

Advertise your product for free? Why not? Pay to advertise your product with a gamerpic? No problem! Pay $60 for a full game, even though the game isn't full and I'll pay for more later? Cool! Advertise your product for free as an incentive to pay $15 more for the product I already bought for $60? Absolutely!

G-zuz, people.