Modern Warfare 2's Next DLC Brings More Old Maps

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Repeating a pattern set by the game's first batch of downloadable content, Modern Warfare 2's "Resurgence" pack will contain a mix of maps, some new, some not so new.


This, of course, was the focal point of many consumer's anger over the first pack, being that they were spending $15 for something that only contained three "new" levels.

Your anger obviously counts for nothing in the face of 2.5 million sales, however, so Activision will be sticking with the same formula to again charge you 1200 points (USD$15) and again give you three new maps and two "classic" ones dragged up from the first Modern Warfare title.

The old maps are Vacant and Strike, while the new maps are called Trailer Park (a tight, constrained map), Carnival (a big fairground) and Fuel (a sniper's paradise).

The Resurgence pack launches June 3 for Xbox 360, while PC and PS3 owners will have to sit tight for further details on their respective launches.



I paid $30 for 9 maps in Halo... then stopped because it took me that long to realize the game was terrible and the maps added nothing to the game.

I'm gladly going to pay $30 for 10 maps in MW2 because the maps are extremely well made. Demolition sucks on a couple of them but the balance is there and those guys do a hell of a job.

Last night I wandered around Karachi and just shot electrical boxes. I then broke windows and blew up cars with C4 and it took me about 5 minutes to realize that there were a ton of spots on the map that people never play on that are extremely detailed.