Modern Warfare 2 Director To Make Hollywood Film Debut

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Playing Modern Warfare 2 is like being in a big budget Hollywood action flick. No wonder the game's director Keith Arem is going to make his motion picture feature film debut.

Dubbed FROST ROAD, the film will be produced by Cary Brokaw's Avenue Pictures (CLOSER, ANGELS IN AMERICA) will produce with Steven L'Heureux's Solipsist Films, in association with Arem's own PCB Productions.

Arem penned the script, and FROST ROAD is also in development as a graphic novel. Here's a plot summary:

FROST ROAD concerns a small coastal Eastern town which is suddenly and inexplicably devastated by an invisible contagion. A young man awakens from a car accident to discover he is one of few survivors in the aftermath of a mysterious outbreak. Somehow immune, he tries to save the remaining survivors from themselves, as he desperately struggles to prevent the deadly wave from spreading across the entire planet.


It's evident that Arem can construct exciting set pieces, but can he tell a story?

"I'm extremely excited about this story," said Arem about FROST ROAD, "and thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the skills I've honed in the game industry to the big screen. There's an incredible talent pool currently working in the game industry, and I hope that the success of FROST ROAD will give other creators the chance to show what they can do on a wider canvas."

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How many of these video game movies that get declared are actually going to get made?

Please just don't let Michael Bay touch it at all.

Also, wtf is the point of making a Modern Warfare movie? The story itself is a set-piece action movie anyway, and sold more than any movie did on it's release....... ah I see the money flowing already, and Activision will milk the money dry. Still sad that as the biggest publisher, Guitar Hero and Call of Duty are the only franchises that make Activision any decent money.