Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Banned On PC

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According to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, a large number of Modern Warfare 2 players on PC were banned over the weekend for using cheats in multiplayer matches.


He says around 2500 Steam accounts were targeted. That's a lot of cheaters for a game being played on controlled servers over Steam.

Then again, it's a proportionate number; 2500 may sound like a lot, but for a game as big as Modern Warfare 2, it's probably a small percentage of the overall market.


[fourzerotwo @ Twitter]

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Just today I got pretty hooked on the PS3's multiplayer. The complete lack of any noticeable lag is incredible.

Sad to see cheaters though. This kind of thing sure doesn't help devs want to make PC ports. Cheating means more work, more work means more money spent, that's not a good business model.